Learn How to Build a Robot For Less Than $20

Now you can live the premise of your very own sci-fi horror movie.

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Ever wanted to build a robot? Trick question. Everybody wants to build a robot. Since the dawn of man, it’s been our mission to create untethered beauty and then immediately subjugate it to our whims. Frankenstein, Skynet, those guys who build Robocop, all brilliant creators whose bold visions for the future turned out just fine. Now, you, too, can create your very own robot. And for less than $20, too.

Just as Java and Python are the go-to programming languages for coders, Arduino is the go-to platform for inventors, designers, and straight-up layman hobbyists who want to build electronic projects. Simply put: it’s the ultimate tinkering tool that won’t judge you even if your starting level of knowledge is picking up a circuit board and being like, “what the hell?”

Arduino which markets itself as “newbie-friendly”, is super affordable, and you can learn in the comfort of your home. For just $19, the Ultimate DIY Arduino Robotics Bundle will get you familiarized with the world’s top electronics platform, so you can begin creating all manner of awesome projects.

With over 22 hours of content spread across 168 lessons, this bundle will give you a crash course on the basics, right up to making your very own wheeled robot. Through this training, you’ll delve into mBot, the world’s friendliest educational robotics platform, with the end goal of assembling a mBot of your own. Lastly, you’ll jump into learning about Arduino circuit boards and discover what’s unique about them so you can integrate them into your projects.

The Ultimate DIY Arduino Robotics Bundle is usually $300, but Inverse readers can get it for just $19 for a limited time.

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