'Please Stand By' Clip: A 'Star Trek' Movie that Sounds Awesome

"Spock travels back and forth in time." Sounds dope.

Remember when Spock traveled back and forth through time to save the entire United Federation of Planets? Actually, that Star Trek plot never happened, which is too bad because it would have been in awesome. Instead, this concept exists in the mind of a character in a new indie comedy called Please Stand By which is angling to melt Trekkie hearts everywhere.

On Friday, the film Please Stand By will start a limited theatrical release and be available on various VOD platforms. In the exclusive clip from Magnolia Pictures, Dakota Fanning stars as Wendy, a Star Trek fan determined to get her zany fan script taken seriously. Spanning perhaps the entirety of the Star Trek canon, Wendy describes her script as “epic,” and asserts that the premise will find Spock going back and forth in time to save the entire Federation.

While this exact idea never happened in Star Trek, Spock did travel back in time in the 2009 J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot. Also, Captain Picard traveled back and forth on his own timeline to save all of humanity from being destroyed by an anti-time anomaly in the series finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation called “All Good Things.”

Time-traveling Spock


Still, Wendy’s concept sounds pretty rad, and considering we have no idea what the next crazy Star Trek movie will be about, the idea of a time-traveling Spock doesn’t sound too bad. In the trailer for the film, Wendy mentions that Spock even hits up space station Deep Space Nine.

Please Stand By also stars Alice Eve and Patton Oswalt. It is directed by Ben Lewin. Its limited theatrical run starts on Friday, January 26 2018. Come back to Inverse on Friday and read our interview with Lewin all about how this heartwarming film materialized into existence.

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