This App Will Help You Lie with Search Results

A new app lets you edit the web to prove anything you like.


Here’s one more reason to judge someone for pulling out a phone when discussing arcane trivia. If they’re checking their facts on an iPhone you might just win that free round, but if they’re tapping on an Android be wary. A new app on Google Play is letting Android users edit their search results to say whatever they want them too.

The aptly name Cover My Lie will help you prove anything, no matter how absurd. Maybe it’s trivia night, maybe it’s a bet with a friend. No matter. When there exists no record outside your own memory, you will believe it when my phone tells you that Taylor Swift briefly served as Obama’s interim Secretary of State, and you will cover my tab. He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the app controls the past.

“Easy and SO MUCH FUN,” writes reviewer Karen Blackwell.”It’s so much fun to fool your friends and then see their faces when you tell them the truth! This app is easy to use, hilarious and clever.”

If you are friends with Karen Blackwell, you might want to rethink your life choices. She’s almost certainly going to mislead you.

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