Google Arts and Culture Face Match: How to Use It

Here's how to get the most from the incredibly smart app.

Google recently added a game-changing feature to its Arts and Culture app that’s turned the beautiful if inessential resource into an absolute social media phenomenon.

The app uses artificial intelligence to scan a selfie for features that most closely resemble a few images from its library of more than 70,000 works of art.

Google is one of a number of companies that are interested in facial recognition — others include (surprise, surprise) Facebook and Microsoft — and, in 2015, published research claiming how far its facial recognition software had come: It had made correct face identifications 99.63 percent of the time.

And while the app is region blocked, meaning it’s only available to people in the United States, there are ways to access face match outside of the country if you’re motivated enough.

Given its popularity and the positive response it has received, it’s no wonder why Google’s Arts and Culture face match just might be the best new app of 2018.

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