'Expanse' Season 3 Teaser Trailer: Airdate Confirmed

The most ambitious science fiction series on television right now has finally announced the launch date of its third season. The Expanse will return to SyFy on April 11 at 9pm. But, if this season follows the books, the scope of the show is about to blow up.

On Friday, SyFy released a new trailer and confirmed the launch date for season 3 of The Expanse. The new footage suggests that the characters will “find out who they really are.” But what it doesn’t mention is that interstellar travel is also going to happen, too.

What sets The Expanse apart from so many other science fiction epics is its realistic approach to space travel. In this universe, ships mostly are limited to only our own Solar System. But, all that changes when The Expanse books introduced the concept of the Ring Gates. The trailer for season 3 doesn’t show the Ring Gates outright, but based on where we are in the story, everything you thought you knew about what you thought you knew about the scope of this already huge interstellar epic.

At this point, The Expanse is pretty much caught up with events that happen in the book Caliban’s War, with some notable exceptions. Weird alien activity on Venus at the end of season 2, actually sets up the emergence of the ring gates.

Oh, and if this season follows the books at all (which it probably will) Detective Miller (Thomas Jane) comes back as a ghost.

The Expanse* season 3debuts on SyFy on April 11 at 9pm eastern.

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