Video Shows NYPD Officer Facing Off Against Mercedes in Times Square

The video was trending across the social web on Saturday.

A jaw-dropping video that shows a brazen driver facing off against a New York City police officer was trending across the social internet on Saturday.

It shows a black Mercedes-Benz sedan peeling out in the middle of Times Square, the often-crowded area of midtown Manhattan that’s often teeming with tourists.

The video shows a police officer attempting to stop the car from continuing after it had been reportedly doing donuts on West 42nd Street near 7th Avenue, reports the New York Post. The driver attempted to turn out of the officer’s way but as the video above shows, the officer jumps onto the hood of the car as it accelerates. He held onto the car as it drove about 20 feet before letting go.

The incident happened shortly after midnight, reported NBC New York.

The narrator of the video, posted above with permission from the anonymous @NYCityAlerts Twitter account, expresses disbelief as the luxury sedan seems to bypass the office, then apparently side-swipe several more cars, before fleeing the scene.

“Whaaat? He gone! He made it out of Times Square. Holy shit,” the he exclaims.

The Post reports that the officer suffered minor injuries to his right leg, hip, chest, arms, and back, in the cop-vs-car battle. He was taken to a hospital.

While New York City has taken an increasingly active role in taking the cars out of Times Square — especially after the horrific crash in May — but it still draws in traffic.

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