The 50 Best Life-Improving Things for Less Than $10 on Amazon Prime

A perfect list for if you have anywhere between $9.99 and $500 handy.

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Solutions abound on Amazon. Sure, there are obvious solutions like getting a fancy portable charger for your iPhone that hates the cold, or getting an alarm clock that simulates the sun for you who hates the morning. But what about those small, life-improving fixes that you didn’t even know would provide just the right amount of upgrade to your day-to-day life? We’re talking a shoehorn for those stubborn boots you need to break in or a reading light that won’t encroach on your signficant other’s side of the bed. Those items can be hard to locate in the stack of 598 million products available on Amazon. We sifted through some of those to find the best items under $10, because small solutions should merit a small budget, right? Right.

The Tech

50. A Micro-USB charging cable


Charge most of your (non-Apple) gadgets quickly and easily.


49. A two-port USB charger for your car

Charge two phones! Simultaneously! On the go!


48. One of those little pins that ejects the SIM card slot on your iPhone that you lose ~3 minutes after opening your new iPhone

Seriously, where the hell did I put that thing?


47. Magnetic, sweatproof earphones

Because, honestly, you need a pair of workout earphones you can afford to lose now and again.


46. Two, count ‘em, two, HDMI cables

You can never have too many HDMI cables. your roommate’s bound to steal one, anyway.


45. A flat-plugged extension cord

Wow, that outlet stuck behind your couch suddenly became useful after all.


44. A magnetic phone mount for your car or your kitchen or wherever

Please do not drive – or cook, for that matter – with a phone in your hand.


43. A mug warmer

Keep your coffee hot for HOURS on end, way after it’s gone stale.


42. Two-pack USB-toUSB C adapter and Micro USB-to-USB C adapter

Charge whatever, wherever, whenever, with these handy little attachments.


41. An insanely bright, long-lasting camping lantern

No getting-murdered-in-the-woods-by-an-unseen-terror-during-a-sexy-college-camping-trip for you!

The Things to Wear

To keep you fashionable, comfy, and, let’s face it, hotter.


40. The quintessential Carhartt

Now you, too, can own the winter hat that everyone on earth also owns.


39. Just a nice, plain baseball cap

As seen on TV worn by every undercover/on-the-run spy ever.


38. A “best dad ever” button

Look, they can’t all be insanely “cool” items, plus you’re totally gonna forget all about Father’s Day.


37. Some cufflinks so cheap, you don’t have to sweat it when you lose them

Real quick: where’s your best pair of cufflinks right now? It’s a trick question; you either don’t know or don’t own any. We have your back.


36. The best chapstick in the game: Burt’s Bees (4-Pack)

You know it, you love it, now cop it. Four times over.


35. A good-smelling natural deodorant that actually works(!!!)

I can personally attest to the fact this all-natural deodorant does not stop working after ~ 90 seconds like most of them.


34. Super cheap sunglasses that, for real, look just as good and work just as well as Ray Bans

Stop! Spending! One! Hundred! And! Fifty! Dollars! On! Sunglasses!

The Accessories

You should have all of these helpful lil’ trinkets handy if you know what’s good for you.


33. A water bottle that will save the environment (a little)

While we’re at it, stop drinking water from plastic bottles.


32. A BB-8 keychain

To match the little photo of BB-8 you carry around in your wallet.


31. A classy shoehorn

You don’t realize you need a shoehorn until you really need a shoehorn. Don’t get caught out.


30. A credit card holder that looks like a nice cute book

Now you can pay for stuff and look very cultured at the same time.


29. A bottle opener keychain shaped like a dog

Seriously, what more could you possibly want?


28. A 12-pack of the best cheap pens in the game

I swear by these pens. They write smoothly as hell and you can lose as many as you want.


27. A magnetic bottle opener

Perfect for cap collectors/people who want to look a little cooler while opening a beer.


26. A Loch Ness Monster bookmark

What, you’re too good for a cute little bookmark that looks like a mythological dinosaur? Get outta here.


25. A classy, metallic, modern update on the Rubiks Cube

The most irritating, frustrating toy ever just got a little more attractive (and irritating and frustrating.)


24. A non-invasive reading light

Don’t strain your eyes or your relationships with seat-mates on a crowded plane ever again.

The Home Goods

Some cheap, quick, and effective upgrades to your living space.


23. Some sleek, slate-black coasters that’ll keep your table stain-free

For those who respect wood.


22. Microfiber cloths, for easily cleaning everything from countertops to your laptop screen

Your surfaces are filthy and you can barely watch Netflix anymore. TIme to fix that.


21. Some containers for your plants that are nicer than the ones you bought them in

We all know you keep meaning to buy some proper pots but, honestly, who has the time?


20. Some copper string lights

Make even the most barren post-grad apartment look a little bit cozier.


19. A foam roller if you’re one of the 12 people in the world who doesn’t own a foam roller yet

Everyone I know owns one of these and I don’t ever want to understand what they’re for!


18. A collapsible laundry hamper

Sorry bud, you’re an adult now and you have to have a laundry hamper.


17. A knife sharpener, which does exactly what it says it does

Cutting up a nice steak isn’t meant to make you sweat.


16. A kitchen brush, because sponges get too gross too fast

Save yourself from the tyranny of sponges and pruned-up sink fingers.


15. Some eco-friendly coasters

Sustainable and prevent coffee rings. They really can do it all (mostly these two things.)


14. Some closet organizers because Christ, have you looked in there lately?

You’re a mess, but it doesn’t have to be this way.


13. A soap dish for all your bar-soap-using needs

Millennials are killing bar soap. Don’t let it happen! Also, don’t let your soap get all soggy and gross.


12. A candle that will make your house smell clean even when it isn’t

Everyone needs to own at least one Mrs. Meyers product at all times. Sorry, it’s the law.


11. Some grown-ass drinking glasses

No judgment, but I know you’re still drinking whiskey out of your extremely faded college logo mug.


10. A magnetic, combination lock safe to hide your spare key in

Literally everyone knows about those fake rocks now. It’s the first place they look. Keep your door key extra safe.

Things You Need to Read

Kindle, paperback, whatever, here are the best-priced books to devour over a slow weekend.


9. Annihilation

The best, scariest sci-fi novel in years. Soon to be a movie by the Ex Machina guy!

8. NOS4A2

One of Joe Hill’s (Horns, The Fireman) more underrated horror novels.


7. The Tiger’s Wife

One of the coolest, more emotional books in years by an author to keep an eye on.

6. Mr. Splitfoot

A cool and creepy novel about a cult. Everyone loves cult books.

5. The Handmaid’s Tale

Book’s better anyway.

Things to Watch

Rent or buy these and catch up on Oscar season, or just enjoy some trashy B-Movie fun.

4. Dunkirk

What do you MEAN you haven’t seen it yet?!

3. Brawl in Cell Block 99

Truly the craziest, most violent, and low-key funniest movie of 2018 so far, and Vince Vaughn’s best role ever.

2. The Killing of a Sacred Deer

A dark and goofy movie from the director of The Lobster. If that was a twisted romcom, this is his twisted version of a horror film.

1. The entire first season of Fringe

Yes, all of it!

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