A 'Hawkgirl' TV Series Could Be Happening, Somehow

The spin-offs, they keep spinning off from spin-offs.

The CW

Because Legends of Tomorrow was such a rousing success for The CW network (that is, maybe it will be, once it actually airs), there are unconfirmed rumors about a Hawkgirl series being planned, which will be another spin-off of the spin-off of Arrow and The Flash. Someone at The CW needs to take a nap.

The rumor comes from SpoilerTV, so it is adviseable to salt this one as much as you wish. But the CW is putting a lot of chips into Legends of Tomorrow, a spin-off of Arrow and The Flash that teams the shows’ auxiliary players to form one super group along with three others — Hawkgirl (Ciara Renee) among them.

The character already made her on-screen debut, in a cameo at the end of The Flash season finale. She was given a few moments of screen time, looking up from the city streets as The Flash (SPOILERS) all the way and (SPOILERS) while (SPOILERS)! And (SPOILER) died. It was awesome.

Yes, it’s ludicrous that a spin-off of a spin-off can happen starring a character that has yet to be formally introduced. And it’s an open question as to whether the CW can even afford a fourth superhero show — Hawkgirl by her nature will require extensive CGI — but superheroes are hot, and stranger things have happened. Need we remind you that an Ant-Man movie is coming?

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