The Quadrantid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight, But Maybe Just Stay Inside

Flickr / ikewinski

A January meter shower known as the Quadrantids will peak tonight, but honestly, staying indoors and watching Black Mirror sounds like a better alternative. Watching a show about a dystopian, overly technological future is actually preferable to the currently bleak situation stargazers are dealing with in the Northeastern United States.

As Inverse previously reported, the Quadrantids “mark the first major meteor shower of the new year.” Though an observer could see some meteors from it toward the end of December, the storm typically peaks in early January.

Flickr / Eneas

The thing is, much of the East Coast is about to get walloped by a “bomb cyclone” that’ll bring in snow and freezing cold temperatures. On Thursday, the storm will cause some snow to hit much of the Tri-state area, but what’s potentially worse is the frigid temperatures it’ll bring afterward.

Those living on the East Coast know how low temperatures have all ready been — so yes, consider this a warning that things are about to get a lot worse, fast.

On top of all of this, the brightness of the Full Wolf Moon will make viewing conditions not so great. Usually, observers can see up to 11 meteors per hour, but with all this moon and weather and snow stuff going on, who knows how many meteors will actually be visible.

If you’re really, really dedicated to catching this shower, bundle up and be prepared to wait a long time. Or just sit inside and be toasty. The choice is entirely yours.