Make Your Own Iced Coffee in Seconds With the Hyperchiller

Overnight cold brew is a thing of the past.

by Inverse Loot

Did you know there are some people who refuse to switch to hot coffee? No matter how cold it gets outside (and it gets cold), these people prefer cold brew or iced coffee to the classic (er, more delicious) hot variety — even when it’s single digits outside.

If you happen to be one of those people who Gotta Have Their (Cold) Java, even in January, this nifty gadget just might save you a ton of money and time spent loitering in line at your usual coffee spot. The device is called the Hyperchiller. While that might sound like the college nickname of someone called Zach or something, it’s actually a pretty impressive, affordable way to turn hot coffee into cold coffee in a matter of seconds. It claims it can chill hot coffee “by up to 130 degrees” in one flipping minute. Dang.

The idea is this: Freeze some water in the Hyperchiller. Pour hot coffee into the Hyperchiller. That’s about it! The coffee and ice are kept separate via chambers. That way, there’s zero dilution involved. The days of sucking up those last few sips of weird, minimally caffeinated swamp water are over. It claims to work with “all brewing methods”, so go nuts.

You can grab your own Hyperchiller — or two — right here.

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