Bill Nye Predicts the Future of Sex, Hookup Apps, STDs, and Cuddling

It's the one thing humans do well.

by Inverse Video

In another installment of Future or Forgotten, Bill Nye comes to the Inverse office to try his hand at predicting the next 150 years of sex, hookup apps, STDs, and cuddling.

When it comes to human beings, we don’t have a lot of natural talents. We can’t run as fast as the majestic cheetah, we can’t fly as high as anything that can fly, but damn we are good at spreading STDs and finding new ways to bang each other.

Bill Nye predicts that hookup apps will be around in some form (and will probably be more direct about their intentions), cuddling will also survive the test of time, but most of all STDs will not be going anywhere fast.

Make sure to catch the second season of Bill Nye Saves the World, available now on Netflix.