The 'Jurassic World' Reign of Terror Has Already Begun

Jason Bourne's amnesia will conveniently forget 'The Bourne Legacy'

A big gripe many folks had with Jurassic World was its status as somewhat of a ‘selective sequel’. It handily ignores the catastrophic events of the second two Jurassic Park movies in order to further its own plot. That tactic has caught on fast, as it seems that the next Jason Bourne movie plans to do the same.

The action espionage series started in 2002 with Matt Damon as the titular operative, and that original trio of movies wrapped in 2007. Damon and director Paul Greengrass were ready to call it a day; but the studio wanted more movies. Enter Jeremy Renner. AKA The Avengers’ archer Hawkeye, Renner came aboard to play Aaron Cross — a Bourne-inspired character who exists in the same movie world as Damon’s Bourne — for 2012’s sequel-spinoff The Bourne Legacy.

It was a reasonable financial success and therefore, another sequel was sent into development… and then put on hold because Damon and Greengrass finally decided they’d like back in, please. Now, the Renner-led movies will be separate from the main Bourne canon, allowing for Damon’s prima ballerina to grip the mantle again. 

And, much like Jurassic World lured B.D. Wong back to the park as meddling geneticist Henry Wu, a key supporting player from the first three Bourne movies will be returning to join Damon for a fourth time. Wonder if this has anything to do with both franchises sharing the same producer.

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