The Question Can’t Be on ‘Arrow,’ Which May Mean Movie Plans

DC Comics

The adventures of Oliver Queen in The CW’s Arrow launched many a superhero career, including The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow’s White Canary. But, Arrow won’t launch the career of the Question, the faceless sleuth of the DC Universe.

In an interview posted on Sunday, Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim told Discussing Film that the Question is one of his frequently proposed characters to use for the show, but is always turned down. “I always bring him up. I always feel like that character would be a great fit with the tone of Arrow,” he said.

He added: “It’s not our characters, it’s DC’s characters, and they’ve got other plans for the Question. I don’t know what their plans are, but clearly they do have plans. Otherwise we’d be using him.”

Known to fans who grew up watching Justice League Unlimited, the Question was introduced in Blue Beetle #1 back in 1967 by Steve Ditko. Originally the alter ego of Vic Sage before being succeeded by his protege Renee Montoya, the Question is an expert investigator armed to the teeth with fancy gadgets, including a “binary gas” that bonds his mask perfectly to his face.

You can watch the interview with Guggenheim below.

The situation with the Question sounds quite similar with Deathstroke, a more popular character and anti-hero who will have a prominent role in DC’s movies. In Season 2, actor Manu Bennet (The Hobbit) starred in Arrow as Deathstroke, a role he reprised several times with guest appearances as recently as October. However, in November, Joe Manganiello (True Blood) made a surprise post-credits cameo as Deathstroke in the movie Justice League.

With the exception for the Flash and a much younger Batman (as played by David Mazouz in Gotham), it appears Warner Bros. wants to keep its stable of DC characters separate when it comes live-action television and movies. If that’s the case, the big question is whether or not there will be a big screen Question.

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