What We Know About the 'Venom' Movie Based on Set Photos


Venom is coming. In October 2018, Sony and Marvel will unleash Venom starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, who in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man was a disgraced journalist that becomes host to the aggressive parasitic alien symbiote that morphs him into the savage anti-hero, Venom. Though Venom is famously an arch-nemesis to Spider-Man, in this new movie, Venom stands alone as he walks the line between human and monster.

One popular fan theory that surrounds Venom is that Eddie Brock’s journalism career has been swapped in favor of Brock being a U.S. soldier, a characteristic lifted from Peter Parker’s high school bully Flash Thompson. In the comic books, Flash signs up for active service only to become the new symbiote host, turning into Agent Venom.

Production on Venom from director Ruben Fleishcer (Zombieland) is currently underway. And there’s precious little about the film that the general public knows for sure. For that reason, scouring bits of news and paparazzi set photos is becoming a regular thing for folks who want to keep up with the movie.

So here’s what we (currently) know about 2018’s Venom, as told by set photos.


1. Eddie Brock Has it Kinda Rough

Most set photos surfacing online feature a rough-looking Tom Hardy (“Eddie Brock”) in sweat-stained hoodies and sneakers. Whether or not Tom Hardy plays a disgraced journalist or a war veteran, the look suits him as a “guy’s guy” who is comfortable in his own skin — until the symbiote takes over.

In fact, one batch of set photos has Tom Hardy, presumably in a scene where the symbiote takes over, looking like he’s got ants in his pants. It’s amusing to look at the photos in that context, but it’s a guarantee that the actual film will mix comedy with darkness as Eddie succumbs to the power of the symbiote.

You can watch a video of Hardy shooting that same scene here.

2. Eddie’s Gonna Fight, a Lot

In one batch of set photos, Hardy is seen shooting an outdoors brawl with Scott Haze, whose role is being kept under wraps. Fans suspect Haze will play the villain Carnage, another gooey Spidey villain who squares off with both Spider-Man and Venom in the comics. But, Sony confirmed with The Hollywood Reporter that Haze will not play Carnage, so Haze’s role is still unknown.

3. Sweet Ride, Eddie

In another example of Tom Hardy’s Venom ditching the journalism thing, Hardy was spotted on set riding an American-style hog attached to strings, presumably for an epic chase sequence. However, Eddie Brock, and indeed any reporter I know, doesn’t ride any motorcycles. But it’s very likely a former soldier would.

Eddie Brock and Anne Weying become Venom.

Marvel Entertainment

4. Is Anne Weying She-Venom?

Actress Michelle Williams recently confirmed she is playing the role of Anne Weying, a New York attorney and the ex-wife of Eddie Brock. In Venom: Sinner Takes All, Anne is saved by the symbiote after being targeted by a serial killer, Sin Eater (the same identity that ruined Eddie Brock’s career). Though it’s unlikely Venom will turn Anne into She-Venom off the bat, this movie is meant to kickstart a new universe full of characters. She-Venom can’t be too far off.

5. Eddie Brock, Reporting for Duty

So, the major reasons why fans are speculating Eddie Brock is being reimagined as a serviceman is that some of Tom Hardy’s own Instagram posts show him dressed in tactical army vests and other military gear. Will Tom Hardy arm up as Agent Venom? We’ll know in less than a year.

Venom will hit theaters on October 5, 2018.

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