'Welcome to Night Vale' Is Gonna Be a Terrifying, and Funny, TV Series

Night Vale Presents

Things are gonna get spooky. The eccentric horror podcast Welcome to Night Vale is about to become a television series on FX from the producer of Better Call Saul.

On Friday, Deadline reported that beloved podcast Welcome to Night Vale is getting adapted into a television series by Gennifer Hutchison, an executive producer of the hit Breaking Bad prequel/spin-off series Better Call Saul. Night Vale creators Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, who also wrote books based on their cult favorite show, will work alongside Hutchison as executive producers on the television series.

There is not yet an announced premiere date, or even a hint at what form it’ll take — animated? live-action? — but rest assured, a Night Vale TV show is coming.

For those who don’t have an inkling what fresh hell Welcome to Night Vale is, the show started in 2012 as a podcast in the style of local news updates for the fictional Night Vale, a small desert town haunted by paranormal energies. People really liked it. Kind of like Shaun of the Dead, the series knows how to shock listeners while making them laugh with deadpan comedy.

Teetering the line between funny and scary, Welcome to Night Vale evokes old school noir radio plays — the ones that allegedly made folks freak out in New Jersey like a hundred years ago over War of the Worlds. That story, by the way, isn’t true and was just a dramatic exaggeration, but it makes for a good story about our gullibility and how scared people truly are to be so small in the universe. Which is also kind of the point of Welcome to Night Vale.

Anyway you should probably care about Welcome to Night Vale now that it’s a TV show, because you definitely know someone who’s already into it. A lot. Because anyone who is a fan of this show is really freaking into it. It lives up to “cult show” in so many ways it can make your head spin. It’s one of the most successful podcasts in existence, and one of the first to reach such prominence.

Honestly, it was only a matter of time before someone made a TV show. Looks like we’ve got one now.

FX’s Welcome to Night Vale does not yet have a premiere date.

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