New 'Doctor Who' Trailer Shows Peter Capaldi's Regeneration

We all know Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor will regenerate into Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor in the Doctor Who Christmas Special this year. But now, a new trailer gives a glimpse of what that scene will look like. And it’s very familiar.

On Friday, BBC America released a new 30-second trailer for “Twice Upon a Time,” the final episode featuring Peter Capaldi in the title role of Doctor Who. And because this show is about time-travel, in this adventure, the Doctor will be joined by his very first incarnation, the original Doctor, first played by William Hartnell in 1963, but now played by David Bradley.

Though this trailer is shorter than previously released clips from “Twice Upon a Time,” there is a lot of new stuff here. There’s a new shot of the famous time vortex, scenes of both the 1st and 12th Doctors leaping into action in some kind of chasms, plus Pearl Mackie as Bill telling the Doctor to “come back alive.” Ah, Bill, we know he won’t. At least not the way you remember him!

But, the biggest tease is easily the quick shot of the 12th Doctor’s actual regeneration. Just like David Tennant’s 10th Doctor, Capaldi has his arms stretched out wide, and it looks like the TARDIS might get a little messed up.

LEFT: Incoming Doctor Jodie Whittaker. RIGHT: The upcoming scene in which Peter Capaldi will almost certainly become her.

Since 2005, starting with Christopher Eccleston, each departing Time Lord has ended with a memorable parting quip. For Eccleston’s 9th Doctor it was “fantastic,” David Tennant’s 10th said “I don’t want to go!” and Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor declared “I’ll always remember when the Doctor was me.” In the 10th season finale, Capadli’s 12th Doctor repeated some of these lines to himself as he fought the change we all know is coming.

The 1st Doctor (David Bradley) steps out of the TARDIS to meet the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Bill (Pearl Mackie)

BBC America

But what will that change look like? We know Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor is coming, but will she meet Bill? Or even get a chance to see the 1st Doctor?

We’l find out this Christmas.

Doctor Who “Twice Upon a Time” airs on BBC and BBC America on Christmas Day at 9pm Eastern Time.

Starting Tuesday, December 19, BBC AMERICA will air a 7-day, 24-hour full takeover marathon featuring Doctor Who episodes with David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi.

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