'Battlefront II' Trailer May Have Just Debunked 'Last Jedi' Rey Theory

On the plus side, we get a cool new hero in the Star Wars galaxy.

It’s back to square one with all your Rey parentage theories because it looks like the trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront II’s upcoming The Last Jedi season just debunked a popular theory. On the plus side, it also introduced a really cool new character to the Star Wars universe.

Spoilers follow for the story campaign from Star Wars: Battlefront II and potentially even The Last Jedi.

On Thursday, EA Star Wars published a trailer for the upcoming Battlefront II “season” that will celebrate The Last Jedi’s release. That means Finn and Phasma are coming to multiplayer as playable characters, along with battles that will appear in The Last Jedi. But more importantly, we also get a tease for the Resurrection DLC that continues Iden Versio’s journey after the events of the main game.

Most of it is predictable enough — an older Iden Versio flying her X-wing and talking about the First Order — but we get a fleeting glimpse of a brand-new character that’s almost definitely Iden Versio and Del Meeko’s actual daughter, and it’s not Rey.

This new character communicates with General Leia Organa.


We’re just about certain that this unnamed new character is Iden Versio’s daughter, because that’s Iden’s droid projecting a hologram of General Leia Organa. That’s also Shriv behind her, the Rebel fighter that joined Inferno Squad when Iden and Del defected and joined the Rebellion. Even more convincing is the jacket she’s wearing, which is the same one worn by Del Meeko during Battlefront II while he fought for the Rebellion.

That means she’ll inherit something from each of her parents, which is fitting. On a side note, why is Star Wars so obsessed with jackets these days?

Battlefront II fans no doubt remember that in the epilogue — which is set just before The Force Awakens — Kylo Ren interrogates Del Meeko for information about Lor San Tekka and the “map to Skywalker.” Del is unfortunately killed by his former comrade Gideon Hask at the end of it all.

Buring that sequence, we learn that Del and Iden got married and had a daughter sometime after the Battle of Jakku. Many of us hoped that meant Rey might be their daughter, but now those hopes are seemingly gone.

That's definitely the same jacket the new character is wearing almost 30 years later.


But who knows? Maybe Iden and Del had twin girls? This newcomer appears to be about the same age as Rey, and Star Wars loves to separate its super-important twins at birth.

The “Resurrection” DLC story follows Iden as she investigates the First Order around the time of The Force Awakens. She’s looking for her husband, who’s unfortunately dead. In the new trailer, a voice that’s probably Shriv says, “If we could learn how powerful the First Order really is —“ Iden finished: “Then the Resistance might have a chance.”

Then we get some epic shots of X-wings flying around, Iden in the present day (which we didn’t see in the main game), and this new character chatting with General Organa.

It’s going to be a wild ride.

Iden Versio is still a BAMF all these years later.


Star Wars: Battlefront II’s DLC pack will be released December 13, 2017.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi premieres in theaters on December 15. Check out all of Inverse’s coverage on the film right here.

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