Rian Johnson Teases a New Lightsaber Color in 'The Last Jedi'


Rey will choose her destiny in the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi. She also might choose her own lightsaber color. Last Jedi director Rian Johnson has hinted that fans will see a brand new lightsaber “hue” in the upcoming film.

Parade magazine published this startling information in its latest issue. “Rey uses a blue lightsaber; Kylo Ren uses red,” Parade wrote. “And director Johnson hints that we may see a new hue.”

Now, the majority of lightsabers in the Star Wars universe are blue, green, and red; the latter being solely associated with the Sith and the Dark side of the Force while the first two are the colors of the Jedi. The only lightsaber to break the mold was Mace Windu’s (Samuel L. Jackson) purple saber in the prequel trilogy. Jackson famously demanded a purple lightsaber from director George Lucas, who acquiesced and made Star Wars history.

Will Johnson pull a similar stunt? And, if “a new hue” does hint at a new color of lightsaber never seen before in a Star Wars film, then who would wield it?


Inverse has previously theorized that Rey might get a new lightsaber, specifically a yellow saber. While Luke Skywalker’s old blue lightsaber (which originally belonged to Luke’s father, Anakin Skywalker) has officially switched masters and fully belongs to Rey, it would feel like a big step forward in Rey’s training if she were to make her own lightsaber and choose her own color.

Or, maybe, Luke will have created a new-colored lightsaber for himself by the time The Last Jedi starts. Fans have yet to see his previous green saber, and while we’re all eager to lay eyes on it, what if Luke made a new lightsaber, one that doesn’t remind him of his “failures”?

As far as we know, there are as many lightsaber color options as there are porgs on Ahch-To. But fans will have to wait and see what Johnson means when The Last Jedi premieres in theaters.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi premieres in theaters on December 15. Check out all of Inverse’s coverage on the film right here.

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