Moth Sexuality Isn't a Choice (for the Moths)

When will the insect gender wars end?

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For years, man has sexually confused insects to serve our own ends. Perhaps this would come as a surprise to the insects. It is definitely a surprise to some giggling web writers. 

Usually this comes up when crops are threatened. It’s efficient and safe to treat the bugs with a chemical that mimics female pheromones causing the males to try and mate with other males. As you may surmise, this causes a heavy drop in successful breeding. More recently a similar method has been deployed by London’s Natural History Museum to keep moths from ravaging their exhibits. This has not stopped the ever-outraged Infowars from running with a “Natural History Museum Turns Moths Gay to Save Exhibits” which has led to just as reasonable a comment section as you can expect. 

“Gee you mean gay sex isnt natural in DNA and thats a shocker,” writes Harry B Verre.

“ROFLMAO, i guess someone there read the Eugenics manual,” says poster Arwijn.

ROFLMAO, indeed. Waka. Waka.

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