Vine Founder Just Hinted the App Is Back, So Here Are Our Favorite Vines

We cannot contain ourselves right now.

In an announcement that can only be described as the Hail Mary of 2017, on Wednesday, Vine founder Dom Hofmann dropped a spicy hot nugget of news: Our dearly departed Vine app might be coming back.

Since Twitter shut down the app on January 17, 2017, internet denizens have begged incessantly for its return. The abrupt decision came amid budget and staff cuts for Twitter, but also because Instagram, Snapchat, and similar platforms were growing rapidly while Vine remained relatively niche — and perfect.

Which makes Hofmann’s cryptic tweet Wednesday all the more interesting.

A reasonable person could assume “V2” means Vine 2, or Vine Version 2, but it’s seriously unclear what’s going on. In any case, we’re celebrating with our favorite vines, because sure, why not.

Viva la Vine!

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