Here's All Of The Cool High-Tech Aboard Emirates’ New First Class Cabin

No, this isn’t a spaceship.


If you happen to have a pile of money laying around and decide not to use it to pay rent or student loans, then take a trip in Emirates’ new, completely enclosed first-class cabins aboard their Boeing 777 fleet.

On Thursday, some lucky journalists got a taste of the high life on board the airline’s first flight. Besides being seriously lavish — the footage is beyond FOMO-inducing.

Here’s all the state-of-the-art technology to expect once you’ve successfully spent someone’s salary on a flight. Just kidding, but it’s definitely a lot.

Zero-Gravity Seats

If you’re ready to cry at the thought of reclining your seat 90 degrees, these might just cause you to break down. The design is supposed to make you feel like you’re floating, just in case you forget you’re a few thousand feet in the air.

Virtual Windows

Don’t worry, there are still actual windows if you’re in a window suite. But those sitting in the middle aisle can get a high-res live feed of what’s going on outside from cameras mounted on the exterior of the plane. Everyone wins.

Video-Call Function

Forget using the flight attendant button to get yourself a drink. Now you can call them over with a simple video call.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Forgot your ear-buds? Don’t sweat it, Emirates will hook you up with some custom-made and complimentary Bowers & Wilkins noise cancelling headphones. A similar pair of these would run you just under $200 if you decided to get them in the regular, shmegular world.

Economy Class

They get headrests. Adjustable ones.

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