Traumatized 'Jurassic Park' Character Grows Up to Be Hilarious, Traumatized Twitter Personality

Grown-up Tim Murphy just wants to see Arcade Fire and not get eaten by raptors.


Jurassic World was okay. The opportunistic Twitter written by a grown-up, PTSD-ravaged version of the little boy in Jurassic Park is brilliant.

@The_Tim_Murphy has been writing about adjusting to life after almost being eaten by raptors for more than a year now. He also loves indie rock. We can only hope the new box office king brings him some deserved followers.

Here’s what he’s been up to this past Tuesday.

I yearn for the day Dad Boner finds a T-rex in his Sebring.

Incidentally, the actor who played Murphy, Joe Mazello, is still acting and, as of recently, directing. His own Twitter account of late is a treasure of humblebrag every time he flips across his most famous role. Honestly, I’d probably do the same.

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