SETI Roasts Nibiru Conspiracy Believers Who Think The World's About To End

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If you’ve managed to avoid all mentions of Nibiru, congratulations — you’ve managed to escape one of the most absurd and insistent internet conspiracy theories. The idea is that a large planetary object called Nibiru will strike Earth in the 21st century, killing all life as we know it. Though the hoax has been around since the ‘90s, it’s gotten so out of hand that recently, tabloids have started reporting that Nibiru might be responsible for the apocalypse, which is on November 19, for some reason.

Thankfully, the real-life alien hunters over at SETI have decided to step in and set the record on Nibiru straight — again.

On the latest episode of SETI’s Big Picture Science Radio Show, astronomers from NASA, Caltech, and more discussed why “Nibiru cataclysm” is not going to happen this week, or any other week for that matter.

“Will your calendar entry for November 19th be your last?” SETI wrote in a post for the radio episode. “Some people say yes, predicting a catastrophic collision between Earth and planet Nibiru on that date and the end of the world. But it won’t happen, because this hypothesized rogue world doesn’t exist.” (Emphasis ours, because, lol.)

Sadly, a real headline from The Sun.

David Morrison, an astronomer at NASA Ames Research Center, made this point abundantly clear on SETI’s show.

“You’re asking me for a logical explanation of a totally illogical idea,” he said. “There is no such planet, there never has been, [and] presumably there never will be.”

This year alone, the Nibiru doomsday date has been updated twice: the apocalypse was originally scheduled for September 23, moved to October 21, and now, the powers that be have settled on November 19. Honestly, if Nibiru is real — which it definitely isn’t — it sounds like a massive flake.

Despite overwhelming evidence that this apocalyptic planet doesn’t exist, outlets continue to churn out some incredible Nibiru content. Seriously, some people think Elon Musk is launching SpaceX rockets to try and gain intelligence about this fake planet because he’s “secretly obsessed with it.”

While most of us would like nothing more than for a planet-sized object to strike us squarely in the face, that just isn’t going to happen. I’m sorry.


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