'Star Wars: Last Jedi': Rey Spins Her Lightsaber in New Trailer 

Though it’s only 15 seconds long, the latest trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has mostly new footage. And if you were worried that previous trailers were a little on the dark side of the Force, this one is here to bring back the fun.

On November 10, a new Star Wars TV spot appeared online. It hasn’t been released on the official Star Wars YouTube channel, but it’s clearly legit. Reminding viewers just how charming John Boyega can be shouldn’t be hard, but in case you forgot, this trailer reasserts Finn’s moxie and warmth as he says “May the Force Be With You.” The line delivery is great, but it has just enough self-awareness to make you wonder if it will actually make it into the film. If anything, these scenes make The Last Jedi feel like a triumphant and carefree adventure, which seems to be the opposite impression from the majority of the footage in the previous trailers. Sure, Luke Skywalker doesn’t smile or anything in these short scenes, but Rey does.

After twirling her lightsaber around, Rey seems sufficiently pleased with herself. Again, based on the darkness of the previous trailers, this feels almost like an outtake. Luke has told us before that everything won’t “go the way you think,” but maybe that means this dark and gritty movie will have more brightness in it than we thought. And perhaps, it won’t even need to resort to cutesy space animals to accomplish that goal. Seriously, there is not one single Porg in this new trailer, and it’s the most fun one yet.

The Last Jedi opens everywhere on December 15.

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