'The Flash' Theory: 5 Characters Who Could Be on Jesse Quick's Team

All we know is that they're all Millennials.

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Earlier this season on The Flash, Harry Wells revealed that his daughter Jesse Quick essentially kicked him off Earth-2 so she could run her own alternate reality Team Flash.

“I spent this summer assembling a support staff for her,” Wells says. Cisco, in his typical way, tries to name it: “Team Quick? Team Jesse? Jesse and the Quicks?” Dismissive, humbled, and more than a little upset, Harry explains more:

“It is an awesome team, because I assembled it. But then Jesse goes and kicks me off the team. Apparently, I’m too much like me, whatever that means. I push too hard too many tests, too many training sessions. And I don’t allow the team enough time for their personal bonding. I don’t understand Millennials. Anyway, they took a vote. I’m out. I don’t even have a home to return to.”

Earth-1 Team Flash ought to be grateful that they have a Wells once again, but it’s hard not to dream about what “Jesse and the Quicks” might look like over on Earth-2.

Here are 5 potential members of Team Flash on Earth-2, and one of which we can only dream about:

Earth-2 Patty Spivot became a CSI long before her Earth-1 counterpart.

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1. Patty Spivot

The Flash confirmed that Patty Spivot is CSI working for the CCPD in Earth-2, and Bartholemew Allen had a lot of respect for her. If we learned anything in Season 3 — other than Savitar’s real identity — it’s that Team Flash needs at least one CSI on the squad, and considering this Spivot’s specialty in meta-human research, she’d make a valuable member of the team.

Earth-2 Iris West-Allen would be a valuable member of the team.

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2. Detective Iris West-Allen

If there’s one thing The Flash and Arrow have taught us about superhero “Teams,” it’s that ever team needs an in with the local police departments. Considering the fact that the badass Earth-2 Iris has already assisted the team in the past, chances are she might be up to play the role that her father has on Earth-1.

Henry Hewitt played a nearly forgettable role on 'The Flash', but he could be a valuable member of the Earth-2 team.

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3. Henry Hewitt

One of the first people that Barry and Cisco met in “Welcome to Earth-2” was this nicer version of Henry Hewitt. In Earth-1, he was the brilliant but arrogant failed new half of Martin Stein’s Firestorm. After Jax successfully fused with the doctor, Hewitt developed some latent energy absorption and fire powers.

But over on Earth-1, Henry is a kind-hearted lab assistant working at S.T.A.R Labs with Wells. It’s almost certain that he would have stuck around to lend a hand, assuming Zoom didn’t kill him at some point.

Aqualad would be a welcome addition to any Team Flash.

Young Justice

4. Aqualad

This one’s a real stretch, but it’s been confirmed that Atlantis exists on Earth-2 in between Europe and North America. They produce some kind of plastic used for “Breakup Boxes” like the one Harry tried to deliver in “Luck Be a Lady.” We also know they’re open for tourists, based on the trip that Earth-2 Barry gifted to his parents in Season 2. While pretending to be Jay Garrick, Hunter Zolomon also said his best friend was from there, but how can we trust him?

Where there’s an Atlantis, maybe there’s an Aquaman? And where there’s an Aquaman, eventually there ought to be an Aqualad.

How cool would it be if Aqualad — much like he does in a series like Young Justice — leaves Atlantis for an extended sabbatical among the regular human world to protect and serve. There’d be no better place for him to do just that than as part of Jesse Quick’s team, especially because the team needs at least one more superpowered hero.

Earth-2 Bartholemew Allen probably kept up with superhero support after "Escape from Earth 2."

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5. Bartholomew Allen

Barry’s Earth-2 counterpart was a total buzzkill and verified dweeb, but he proved arguably even better than Earth-1 Barry at coming up with inventive ways to use technology to solve the crimes they needed to. This Barry would probably never leave the CCPD, but he could easily have the makings of the Earth-2 equivalent of the “guy in the chair” with his skillset.

Would that make it weird for Jesse, to work with the powerless mega-nerd alternative to her former speedster mentor? Maybe, but considering how Bartholemew dresses, they basically look like two completely different people.

The Flash airs Tuesday on The CW at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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