Totally Inaccurate Portrayals Of Weed In Movies And Tv

The representation of weed in media has been highly inaccurate.

by Inverse Video

The depiction of marijuana on the big and little screens hasn’t always been so dope. Up until the mid 2000s pot has been portrayed in a pretty ridiculous manner.

How many times have you seen a character who has only toked, hallucinating like they instead took a tab of acid? Or the after school special episode of every 90s sitcom that told you weed would ruin your brain, your friendships, and your life? And what was up with the complete aversion to talking about weed related arrests in the context of the War on Drugs?

There was plenty wrong with how the conversation on marijuana was handled in the media. Watch this and take an inaccurate trip down cinematic stoners lane.

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