‘Overwatch’ Adds a Nightmarish New Hero Moira and a "Blizzard World" Map

Blizzcon is full of surprises.


At the opening ceremony of Blizzcon 2017, Blizzard revealed not only a wild new map for Overwatch, but the latest addition to the game’s Hero roster: Moira.

Classified as a Support character alongside the likes of Zenyatta and Symmetra, Moira will be capable of healing allies and dealing large amounts of damage to enemies. She looks like some kind of mad scientist fused with a multifaceted battlemage and like she’d be right at home in your favorite new anime. All in all, she looks 100 percent badass.

She can switch seamlessly between offensive and healing similar to how Mercy switches between damage boost and healing. With her primary Biotic Grasp, Moira emits a persistent stream with limited range for each type. On the offensive, it looks like Symmetra’s primary weapon. The golden healing spray looks like Mei’s freeze gun. Moira can also emit an orb of each type with an area of effect. Her Fade allows her to teleport a short distance while her Ultimate shoots out a massive biotic beam that can either damage or heal — think of that one like Ana’s primary Biotic Rifle shots.

She’ll be a welcome addition to the roster, which has been in need of another healer option for quite some time.

Check out her introduction video right here:

Coupled with the Moira announcement came a new Overwatch map called “Blizzard World.” No, it’s not another Mei-themed map full of ice and snow. Blizzard World looks like a celebration of the company’s many sci-fi and fantasy universes all crammed into one place like an amusement park or strange level out of Kingdom Hearts.

Blizzard World promises to be a hybrid map type suitable for most game modes in Overwatch, and it looks colorful and dynamic, like something out of an amusement park:

No specific release dates have been mentioned, but Overwatch tends to have a fairly quick turnaround after announcements like these.

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