Listen to NASA's 'Space Sounds' in the Dark at Maximum Volume, Or Else


NASA is officially back on its space goth bullshit. Recently, the agency released a playlist of the spookiest “sounds” by spacecraft slinking around the universe, and honestly, it gives The Monster Mash a run for its money. It’s no graveyard smash, of course.

In this playlist, the “songs” are actually radio emissions collected by various spacecraft, including some of the all-time greats: Cassini, Juno, Voyager, and more. According to NASA, scientists can take these emissions and convert the into sound waves. The ominous whistling noise you’ll hear on many of the tracks is actually helium, indubitably the spookiest of all elements. Plasma waves, dust, and even rocks make up some of the other “instruments” included on the playlist.

While every “song” on the playlist is guaranteed to give you a fright, the spookiest one is probably “Beware of Jupiter’s Largest Moon Ganymede,” recorded by NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft. Besides having the best name of all the tracks, this tune sounds like battling an evil robot or a seriously dysfunctional toaster. It’s the perfect background music for sitting in the dark and contemplating your own existence. It also pairs great with eating copious amounts of candy corn. There are just so many options!

Sure, this playlist is no “Thriller,” but it definitely captures the true spirit of Halloween. There is nothing scarier than the cold, unfeeling void of space to remind us how truly alone we really are. After all, in space, no one can hear you scream.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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