How to Use Instagram's New 'Superzoom'

So many more options for ugly selfies.


Instagram has made it easier than ever to capture close-ups of your friends at their most unflattering moments.

Superzoom, Instagram’s latest feature announced Thursday, lets users record zoomed-in videos with one press of a button.

Here’s how it works:

1. Open the camera

2. You’ll see “Superzoom” next to “Boomerang” under the record button.

3. Tap “Superzoom” and then tap record to automatically zoom in with suspenseful music.

Make sure you download the latest update for Instagram’s iOS or Android app (version 20.0), the camera will show the option for Superzoom right next to Boomerang in the menu below the record button. Tap record and Instagram takes care of the rest — it’ll superzoom in and add suspenseful music to it:

Instagram also added a five Halloween face filters and stickers in the camera, available through November 1:

As for Superzoom, Instagram users are already make the most of it, as this very good dog shows:

The latest feature on Instagram, predictably, replicates something Snapchat has had available for a while. As history has shown, Instagram has a tendency to roll out features that Snapchat has released two and a half years prior.

Also in Version 20.0 of Instagram is the ability to “go live with a friend,” in which a user invite individual friends to watch their Instagram live video. Previously, Instagram would notify users if a friend had gone live, but now it’s putting that notifying ability in the hands of its community.

The updates are scheduled to roll out over the next few weeks.

This update from Instagram also includes Halloween-themed filters and stickers available until November 1. Previous to this, Instagram introduced updates that allowed users to go live on video with a friend and create story polls.