Is Zeus Fighting Steppenwolf in the New ‘Justice League’ TV Spot?

When Justice League baddie Steppenwolf first arrived on Earth in ancient times, he threw down with a heavy hitter: Zeus, king of the Greek gods and Wonder Woman’s father. New Justice League footage might just show this epic showdown, mixing the past with the present and hinting at just how powerful Steppenwolf really is.

A TV spot for Justice League posted to Fandango’s Twitter account on Wednesday seems to indicate that Diana’s old man is going to make an appearance in the film.

During Steppenwolf’s previous attempt to invade Earth, he came into conflict with human, Amazonian, and Atlantean armies. The brief flashes of this fight shown in the video see a character shooting lightning at Darkseid’s uncle Steppenwolf. Barring the wizard Shazam or some other random DC character with magic abilities, this is probably Zeus.

Zeus was introduced into the DC cinematic universe in Wonder Woman, where it was revealed that he suffered mortal wounds protecting humanity from Ares. Luckily, he fathered Diana with Hippolyta before he died.

Because Diana is half god, she’s able to kill other gods. If Zeus was crucial to staving off Steppenwolf the first time, perhaps Wonder Woman will be the one to drive him away in Justice League. Trailers have previously shown her going toe-to-toe with the Apokoliptian villain, and given her character’s prominence, it wouldn’t be beyond the realm of possibility for her to land some kind of killing blow (even if Superman’s return likely factors into this).

Zeus, maybe. The King of Atlantis or Poseidon, maybe.

Warner Bros.

The character jumping past the potential Zeus in the TV spot could be an important figure from the Greek pantheon, as well. The character wields what looks like a three-pronged weapon in their hand, which might indicate it’s Poseidon or a former King of Atlantis (both of whom supposedly fought Steppenwolf in the past).

Ultimately, when this particular scene takes place will determine who’s present. If it’s after Ares killed the rest of the Greek gods, then that jumping character is probably the Atlantean king (or some random warrior with a weapon that looks like a trident in this footage) and the lightning-shooting fella isn’t Zeus, which could be a way of building up to the 2019 Shazam film. If it happens before, then they’re probably Greek gods.

With Justice League almost in theaters, though, fans won’t have to speculate for too much longer about who shows up when in the film.

Justice League opens in the US on November 17.

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