A ‘Ragnarok’ Character Will Meet Thor’s Roommate Darryl in a New Short

Marvel Studios

Darryl, Thor’s totally normal roommate in a series of Marvel shorts, is about to have an even more complicated home life. Following the events of Thor: Ragnarok, a surprising character from the film is going to be showing up at Darryl’s doorstep.

In an interview with Radio Times that went up on Tuesday, actor Jeff Goldblum revealed where the Grandmaster would appear after Ragnarok:

I shot a thing with Taika, where there’s a roommate in Australia. I show up at his, and I do knock on his door. And I take up residence in the little flat, as they say here. That’s what I do. And order things from the takeaway restaurant. Buy all the local foods.

Thor’s roommate Darryl Jacobson (played by Daley Pearson) made his debut in the first part of the Team Thor mockumentary, which addressed Thor being left out of the conflict in Captain America: Civil War, and was released online in August 2016. The second part, which came packaged with purchases of Doctor Strange, further tackled the mundane adventures of Darryl and a not-up-to-much Thor. Both shorts were directed by Ragnarok director Taika Waititi.

Based on Goldblum’s description of what happens when Darryl and his character start living together, the Grandmaster sounds like a more preferable roommate to Thor, who bothered Darryl at work, tried paying rent with Asgardian coins, and left meat to roast in the sun for a few weeks, attracting insects.

Needless to say, the more we get of Waititi’s take on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially after how successful he was with Thor: Ragnarok, the better.

Thor: Ragnarok comes out in the US on November 3.

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