‘Star Trek: Discovery’: WTF Is Up With Captain Lorca?

Captain Lorca might not be everything he appears to be on Star Trek: Discovery. And though the Mirror Universe theory is wacky, it’s possible the bossy Captain swapped places with his evil counterpart.

On Wednesday, TrekCore reported that Discovery’s executive producer confirmed the existence of more than one episode dealing with the Mirror Universe sometime in the next several episodes. They also noticed that there have been some clues suggesting that there is more than one USS Discovery flying around.

If Mirror Lorca has swapped places with his counterpart from the “good” universe, almost everything about the set up of Discovery would be inverted.

In the preview for the next episode, Lorca in thrown into a Klingon prison with Harry Mudd, who refers to Lorca as a “survivor.” Is Lorca a survivor of a Starfleet war? Or simply a scrappy refugee from a bizarro world in which everyone is a jerk? The good quatloos (that’s Star Trek space money you bet with) is almost certainly on Lorca being from the Mirror Universe. But then again, this theory is more fun than it is feasible. So, hold onto your Tricorders a little bit longer.

Star Trek: Discovery’s next episode is called “Choose Your Pain” and will air on Sunday at 8:30 p.m. Eastern on CBS All Access.

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