Even Green Arrow’s Son Still Likes ‘The Flash’ More

It's okay, young William. Most people like 'The Flash' more than 'Arrow.'

The CW

Oliver Queen’s son is a total liar, because despite saying he was “kind of over The Flash” back in Season 4, he’s still sporting a Flashy backpack in the latest trailer for Arrow’s Season 6 and giving his dad plenty of attitude.

The CW released an Arrow Season 6 sizzle reel on Tuesday, and in it, Oliver Queen continues struggling at finding a balance between being mayor and vigilante, while also taking on increasing responsibilities as a father.

Following the Season 5 finale, William’s mother Samantha is presumed dead, so it falls on Oliver to take on the role of direct caregiver for the boy. While at Lian Yu, Oliver also revealed to William that he was, in fact, the Green Arrow. Despite knowing that his father is a hero, albeit a darker and more violent kind, William has taken to sporting The Flash-themed paraphernalia, like this cool backpack that clashes terribly with his red polo:

"Sorry dad, I'm more of a Flash guy again now that I know you're the Green Arrow."

The CW

Arrow returned to its roots in Season 5, and its ratings showed a bit of a rebound. They call The CW’s DC Comics superhero universe the Arrowverse for a reason; Oliver’s adventures started it all. Despite all that, Arrow remains the least-watched of the shows.

The Flash, on the other hand, is the most-watched of The CW’s superhero shows and the most-watched show on the entire network.

Young William Clayton isn’t the only one that still likes Barry Allen more than Oliver Queen these days.

Still check out the trailer, which makes Season 6 look pretty cool:

Arrow Season 6 premieres on Thursday, October 12 at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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