Porgs in 'The Last Jedi' Have Divided 'Star Wars' Fans

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Porgs, man. The newest Star Wars creature was all over Twitter hours after the Monday night premiere of the newest Last Jedi trailer. Somehow, despite all the other explosive reveals in those two and a half minutes — from Kylo Ren maybe bringing Rey to the Dark side to Luke Skywalker talking again — one cute, screaming-for-his-life porg caused the biggest disturbance in the Force.

About three-fourths into the new trailer for The Last Jedi, which premiered during the NFL’s broadcast of Monday Night Football, a porg shows up riding shotgun with Chewbacca in the Millennium Falcon. The lil’ guy barely appears for a second, but already porgs have become today’s best photoshop gag and GIF reaction.

So, the burning question is: Are you pro-porg or anti-porg? No matter what side you are on, you’re witnessing the resurrection of those heated “Ewoks?” debates from so many years ago. Take a quick glance at Twitter, and you’re guaranteed to encounter someone with some take on these tiny space owl things.

Below are some of the best reactions to porgs collected on Twitter.

First, are porgs food? Some rumors about The Last Jedi indicate porgs are eaten, and Star Wars fans are anxious that they’ll see Luke Skywalker eat porg lentil soup or something.

There are porg lovers…

…and porg haters.

And some people are just mighty defensive about porgs.

Some are starting to worship them.

Some have converted.

And, ah, yes: the photoshops.

Others just took the opportunity to make some good tweets. I mean, points. They make good points.

Ultimately, you’re going to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi with or without porgs, so you might as well embrace it.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be hit theaters on December 15.

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