New 'Thor: Ragnarok' Trailer Changes a Vital Plot Detail

Marvel Studios

Hela and Thor will battle over the fate of Asgard (and the world) in Thor: Ragnarok, but, first, Thor is set to lose his hammer so he can go on a “journey of self-discovery.” A new trailer for Ragnarok, though, totally changes up that fateful scene.

The trailer, which Marvel Studios tweeted out on Thursday, depicts Thor sitting on the Asgardian throne (probably toward the end of the movie if his hair is anything to go off of) and Hela demanding he get up; it’s her throne now. The confusing part of the trailer, though, is the scene where Thor throws his hammer at Hela and she catches it, crushing it in a blast of light. We’eve seen this exact scene before, in the first trailer, except back then, it took place in a New York City alleyway. In the new trailer, Thor and Hela are in an open field instead.

The end-credit scene of Doctor Strange revealed that Thor and Loki travel to NYC to get Stephen Strange’s help in finding Odin, so it made sense that they’d be in New York when Hela first meets up with them.

So, which version is correct? Does Hela first kick Thor’s ass in a dirty New York City alleyway or a huge green field? If its the later, is possible Hela never visits Earth. We’ll find out for sure when the movie premieres.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3.

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