The 'Game of Thrones' Anime Improves Upon the Show in a Huge Way

We finally get to see Jon's direwolf Ghost tear it up.

Everyone that missed Ghost in Game of Thrones Season 7 will be happy to see that the direwolf plays a huge role in a new fan-made Game of Thrones anime video. Epic music and great animation will make you wish the Game of Thrones anime were real.

Thanks to YouTuber Malec, we no longer have to wonder what Jon Snow’s scowl might look like in anime form because the French animator created an entire anime title sequence for HBO’s hit fantasy series, complete with an awesome rock tune. Lots of zombies get sliced up, and Dany’s dragons aren’t the only beasts that get time to do badass things because Ghost is right there alongside Jon to rip evil to shreds.

As the video opens, the music rips open at a thundering pace. The many Westorosi House Sigils flash across the screen. We see dead kings and other leaders before cutting to Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen standing back to back. They’re the focus of the video, alongside their beasts, but pretty much every surviving character — and Littlefinger for some reason — makes an appearance.

Check out the video right here:

Arya gets an emotional sequence, Cersei looks like a vampire, and the Lannister brothers appear together once again. One of the best sequences comes when Jon, the Hound, and Brienne of Tarth fight together against zombies. It’s a team-up we’ve never seen before, but now it has us wishing these three would fight together in the final season.

Most of the lyrics are spoken and written in Japanese, but random English phrases include “take my hand,” “winter hating love,” “fire,” and as Jon and Dany charge forward: “sex is free.” The odd word choice no doubt references the consummation of their incestuous relationship at the end of Season 7.

In the big finish, the singer belts out “Game of, Game of, Game of, Game of — Thrones!”

Alright, we’re officially ready for Season 8, hopefully with more Ghost.

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