This Woman Makes A Living Playing Heroes Of The Storm

"Don't die and do damage.' 

by Inverse Video

Professional Heroes of the Storm player Kayla Murray has made a living playing video games. In this episode of Button Mashers, watch her try to keep host Zach Cherry alive long enough to teach him about gaming, life as a professional gamer, and about being transgender.

Button Mashers is an Inverse original series profiling some of the greatest competitors in the world: Professional eSports gamers. Each episode comedian, Zach Cherry visits the home of a different gamer, learning about their lives, daily routines, and game strategies.

If Heroes of the Storm isn’t your game of choice, take a look at some of the other episodes we have in the series. We talked to pros from League of Legends, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, Halo, and Smite.

All graphics for Button Mashers were designed and created by the fantastic Ryan Paterson a.k.a. Chromatic Arcade. He is a frequent collaborator with Inverse.

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