Quay Valley Will Be the Center of California's Futurist Movement or a Lot of Lawsuits

The newly developed city between L.A. and San Francisco will be fully solar powered and connected by Hyperloop.


Add one more innovation to California’s planned world of tomorrow. Agreements have been struck to start construction on a 5-mile Hyperloop test track in Quay Valley, a town that doesn’t really exist as such, next year. The agreement, which doesn’t guarantee construction, moves a longstanding conversation forward to the brink of actual shovel work.

Next year, we’ll know if Quay Valley is the most interesting place in America or a means to a scam.

The 7,500-acre patch between Los Angeles and San Francisco is being developed into a solar-powered, self-sustaining sub-division perfect for proof-of-concept installations like the Hyperloop and whatever else the city chief exec and Weird Al business associate Quay Hays can get subsidized.

Developed by Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, the Hyperloop will be powered by a set of solar panels on the roof of the tube housing a specially designed capsule. Powered by a mix of solar and a linear electric motor, the capsule will shoot through the tube as fast as 800 miles per hour, in theory.

Sadly the track’s truncated 5-mile design means you’ll only be able to get across town at 200 miles per hour. May as well walk at that pace.

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