'Star Trek' U.S.S. Discovery Ship Seen Flying Over Manhattan


New York City Trekkies got an unusual eyeful on Saturday night when the U.S.S. Discovery was seen orbiting near Midtown.

In anticipation of the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery on CBS Sunday night, the network flew a mock-Discovery around the Hudson River. The ship was actually a series of LED lights attached to a truss flown by a Black Hawk helicopter, but the effect was pretty incredible.

We haven’t gotten much of an eyeful of the Discovery yet; CBS has been tight lipped on nearly everything related to the show prior to its premiere. But based on the NYC version and what little we know, the Discovery comes complete with classic dual nacelles and a saucer body. Shining in blue light around a skyscraper-dotted skyline, the Discovery dipped around the city at a pretty impressive speed.

The stunt was orchestrated by CBS and Remarkable Media, a company that partnered with the MTV Video Music Awards last year to fly a giant banner across the Hudson river, landing the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest flying digital video screen.

Watch the Discovery in action below:

Star Trek: Discovery premieres Sunday on CBS at 8:30 p.m. Eastern.

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