Run the Jewels' El-P Posts Rejected 'Blade Runner 2049' Trailer Score

It's good, too.

Getty Images / Emma McIntyre

Run the Jewel’s El-P says that he was asked to score the trailer for Blade Runner 2049, but his demo didn’t make the cut.

On Friday night the rapper and producer took to Twitter to reveal that he had made a demo of spooky, electronic beats befitting the sci-fi sequel, but the track never ended up in the trailer.

“Some day I’ll put out my Bladerunner 2049 trailer score,” El-P wrote. “Yes they asked me and yes it was rejected (or ignored). Happy they asked though.”

What followed was another tweet linking to an Instagram post that previews a clip of the track.

The song is a high-paced, frantic electronic track, with a dread-inspiring synth melody layered throughout. It seems that El-P was intent on honoring the original film’s score in his work, as he notes in his Instagram post that he used the same polyphonic analog synthesizer that electronic composer Vangelis used on the original Blade Runner soundtrack.

Although it wasn’t meant to be for Blade Runner 2049, based on El-P’s tweets, he seems to be into the track enough that it might see the light of day eventually anyway.

Blade Runner 2049 appears to have been experiencing a rather capricious approach to its musical score in general. Early in the year Icelandic musician Johan Johannsson was slated to be the film’s composer, however, in September Dazed reported that Dunkirk composer Hans Zimmer and It composer Benjamin Wallfisch were taking over, and Johannsson was being taken off the project completely.

Blade Runner: 2049 opens in theaters October 6.