This Original 'Blade Runner' Character Might Come Back for '2049'

Rick Deckard’s motivation for everything he did at the end of the original Blade Runner might be the biggest secret of the new sequel Blade Runner 2049. Sean Young, the actress who played the Replicant named Rachael in the original film is rumored to have filmed scenes for Blade Runner 2049 in secret.

What Happened

On September 15, the New York Daily News reported that “Sean Young will be reprising her role in the upcoming Blade Runner sequel — even though she has publicly denied being on board.”

What It Means

Because the Daily News doesn’t name their source, it’s probably best to consider this rumor just a rumor for now. Still, because there is a press embargo on Blade Runner 2049 which extends until the day the movie is released publicly, it’s possible the studio is trying to hide major spoilers and twists from the general public. If Rachael did appear in the film, and Young was playing her, it would throw a huge wrench into what we know about the kind of Replicant Rachael was. In the original film, Gaff (Edward James Olmos) suggest that Rachael “won’t live,” because all Replicants have a lifespan of only four years.

Still, it’s possible that Young could be in the movie, but not playing Rachael. Instead, if the Replicant Rachael was modeled on a human then it stands to reason Young could play the human woman who served as the template. And maybe her name is Rachael, too.

What’s Next

As the release for Blade Runner 2049 approaches rapidly, expect more rumors and possible spoilers to eek out into our world. For now, if Sean Young is returning, it could be the one huge twist no one saw coming.

Blade Runner 2049 hits theaters everyone on October 6.

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