Watch Children Reenact the R-Rated Craziness of ‘Kingsman’

20th Century Fox

If you’ve ever wondered what the balls-to-the-wall madness of Kingsman would look like if kids were the major players, you’re in luck. A new official ad for Kingsman: The Golden Circle features children being way too excited about dangerous spy work and kicking the crap out of each other.

What Happened

On Monday, the 20th Century Fox YouTube page uploaded the humorous ad for the Kingsman sequel, which begins innocently enough. Four kids start playing a Kingsman: The Golden Circle board game (not a real product), and have their clothes magically transform into outfits worn by the likes of Eggsy (played by Taron Egerton) and Statesman Tequila (played by Channing Tatum). Then, a little kid rolls the dice, and things change. “I’m hunting an international drug cartel,” he says with glee. “I #%$@ed a princess,” his neighbor says on the next turn, referencing the controversial ending of the first film, which wins the boy the shaking head of the girl across from him.

Later on, the ad veers into more violent territory, with a tranquiler dart causing a man to slam his head into a grill, and the kids fighting as a logical response to a recording of Colin Firth’s Harry Hart saying, “Manners maketh man. Do you know what that means?”

What It Means

The ad aligns nicely with Kingsman’s occasional inappropriateness and crazy action, giving us a taste of what Kingsman would look like if the series ever went off the deep end and switched focus to a cast of kindergarten spies. Which, admittedly, wouldn’t be the worst spin-off idea ever.

What’s Next

While the point of the ad is to sell the film, which it does well, a decent amount of commenters expressed interest in actually purchasing the featured Golden Circle board game. Who knows if Fox sees that as enough to justify mass production of the game. But with the Kingsman sequel almost upon us, they’re probably focusing their energy on the film for now.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle will be released in U.S. theaters on September 22.

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