How Visal Mohanan Became a Professional 'Halo' Video Game Player

"Back in the day, no one really knew you could make money."

Professional Halo player Visal Mohanan has made hundreds of thousands of dollars playing video games. In this episode of Button Mashers, watch him kick host Zach Cherry’s ass at Halo in Long Island, New York. This is what it’s like to be a professional Halo player.

Mohanan challenges on his path to become a pro video game player, but in 2016 he came in second in the Halo World Championships. Halo is a game that is near and dear to many video gamers’ hearts because it was one of the first games that allowed for such a high level of competition. LAN Tournaments cropped up all over the world and Halo was instrumental in putting eSports on the map.

“Back in the day, no one really knew you could make money and a living off of e-sports and video games,” Mohanan says.

Button Mashers is an Inverse original series profiling some of the greatest competitors in the world: Professional eSports gamers. Each episode comedian, Zach Cherry visits the home of a different gamer, learning about their lives, daily routines, and game strategies. Button Mashers episodes include professionals in League of Legends, Smite, Heroes of the Storm, Halo, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

All graphics for Button Mashers were designed and created by the fantastic Ryan Paterson a.k.a. Chromatic Arcade. He is a frequent collaborator with Inverse.

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