Mark Hamill Is Still Pranking Fans About Retro 'Last Jedi' Comic

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Luke Skywalker is using a Jedi mind trick that he’s used before. For the second time, Luke actor Mark Hamill has pranked fans by insinuating there are “spoilers” in a retro Star Wars comic.

What Happened

On Saturday, Hamill took to Twitter to retweet the cover of a classic Marvel comic, Marvel Star Wars #49 from July 1981.

“I’m begging you! For your own good — DO NOT READ this spoiler-laden comic book before Friday December 15th 2017 You’ll thank me later #Wait4VIII,” Hamill tweeted.

When Lucasfilm officially announced back in January that Episode VIII would be titled The Last Jedi, fans scrambled to try and figure out who the titular “last Jedi” would be. Most assumed it was Luke, due to his famed hermit status and the legend surrounding him in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. There’s also the bit about the opening crawl of Force Awakens directly referring to Luke as “the last Jedi.”

It’s worth noting that Hamill has tweeted about this exact comic before back in February.

What it Means

Hamill is a troll and a self-proclaimed goofball. He loves to get people riled up on Twitter. This means nothing. It’s just meant to give you a good chuckle.

What’s Next

Star Wars: The Last Jedi premieres in theaters on December 15. And Hamill will probably continue to prank everyone in the mean time.

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