Fired 'Episode IX’ Director Didn't Listen to Han Solo’s Advice

When Colin Trevorrow got the job directing Jurassic World in 2015, he might have had Han Solo’s voice in his head telling him “great kid, don’t get cocky!” But apparently, he didn’t listen to his inner Solo. New rumors have emerged that Colin Trevorrow was fired from directing *Star Wars: Episode IX’ because he’s basically too arrogant to work with.

On Monday, Vulture cited an unnamed source referred to as a “ranking Hollywood movie insider.” And according to this source Trevorrow’s firing from Episode IX was the direct result of his “egotistical point of view,” which branded him “unmanageable” to Lucasfilm executives. Vulture’s source went on to sarcastically say “He’s a difficult guy. He’s really, really, really confident. Let’s call it that.”

Tellingly, the source also points out that Lucasfilm was frustrated with Trevorrow’s “repeated stabs at multiple drafts,” meaning, allegedly he wasn’t only fired for being cocky, his script wasn’t any good, either.

Obviously, Star Wars fans will never know the whole truth here. It’s possible Trevorrow’s script was great and he was a nice person and that maybe the Dark Side of the Force has just clouded everyone’s judgment.

Then again, if fans know only one truth about the new Star Wars films it’s this: nothing that makes it on the screen gets there without a few casualties along the way. Which makes sense. How many X-Wing pilots were assigned to blow up the Death Star? How many made it out?

The next Star Wars movie — The Last Jedi* — hits theaters on December 15.

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