The Scientific Reason This Video Stabilized on a Nipple

We promise this is unlike any GoPro video you've ever seen

Skiing down a mountain shirtless, GoPro owner (and apparent creative visionary) Jake Alewel pretty much captured our thoughts exactly as he exclaimed, “Woahhh, my nipples!”

Interestingly, the fact that he’s skiing down a snow-covered mountain completely topless isn’t the most interesting part of the video, which has racked up over 70,000 views since it was posted to Reddit. No, what really captures the viewer’s attention is the fact that the entire 32 second video is stabilized on his right nipple. Honestly, it’s easier to just watch the video than to try to explain the kind of mind-bending effect it has.

It’s possible Alewel managed this somewhat mind-bending effect feat by using the stabilization feature on his GoPro Her05 or one of GoPro’s stabilizing grips for removing camera shake, but the precision indicates the use of video editing software. This type of software (including the tool built in to YouTube) better allows video creators to affix the viewer’s to a more specific point.

These computer science and engineering tricks are used in countless films, typically done in a way that’s intentionally subtle so as to save the viewer from motion sickness without seeming obvious. Alewel, however, appeared to be after something a little more pointed, so to speak.