'Legends of Tomorrow' Star Wants to Play a Jedi in 'Star Wars'

We can only dream.

The CW

Sara Lance, aka White Canary, currently serves as captain of the time-traveling Waverider on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, but if the actress behind her — Caity Lotz — had her way, then we might one day see a badass White Canary-esque badass Jedi join the growing Star Wars universe.

When a fan requested Lotz appear as a Jedi in a future Star Wars film via Twitter, tagging both @disney and @starwars in the process, Lotz responded with an enthusiastic “Yas please.” We couldn’t agree more.

The fan that made the request, Kenny Kraly Jr., also provided a photoshopped an image of White Canary from the Season 2 episode “Shogun.” The team travels to feudal Japan, where a group of samurai steals the A.T.O.M. suit. During the episode, White Canary dual-wields katanas while in her own samurai garb. In Kraly Jr.’s photo, those two katanas are replaced with blue lightsaber blades:

In Legends of Tomorrow and the greater Arrowverse, Sara Lance had her own journey parallel to that of Arrow’s Oliver Queen after the yacht they were on together was shipwrecked. She was trained as an assassin, became the Black Canary, died, was brought back to life, had her soul put back in her body, became the White Canary, and then eventually became a part of the time-traveling Legends of Tomorrow.

Her character on Legends of Tomorrow often wields a white staff that can separate into two telescopic batons as needed. Either weapon format could easily translate to a Darth Maul-type double-sided saber or two one-handed blades.

Considering Lotz’s proficiency with all sorts of weapons, swords included, chances are she’d make a fine Jedi. But, pretty much every actor out there would love to join a huge franchise like Star Wars or Marvel, so chances are slim that it might actually happen.

At least for now, fans can still enjoy Lotz’s fighting skills in Legends of Tomorrow Season 3, which kicks off October 10, 2017 on The CW at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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