Where is Hurricane Irma Now? Here's a List of Tools to Track the Storm

Here's how to track the powerful Caribbean storm live

Getty Images / Joe Raedle

Hurricane Irma, which is currently at the highest possible category on the hurricane scale, is barreling across the Atlantic with winds of 185 mph.

Since the storm turned deadly — killing two Wednesday in on the islands of St. Bart’s and St. Martin — all eyes have been fixed on Puerto Rico, which lies directly in its path, and later, Florida.

With all the fake photos of Irma circulated online, it’s understandable why one might be confused as to what’s really happening this very moment.

Inverse rounded up this list of trust-worthy sources to help track the storm’s progress firsthand as it nears the mainland United States.

The National Hurricane Center

The website, which is being continuously updated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, forecasts the next five days at a time.


Perhaps a little easier to read than most maps, MeteoEarth presents the weather patterns on the surface of a three-dimensional globe. Users can find out the speed of the hurricane at present and look forwards hours into the future.

Hurricane Pro app

While it’s $2.99 price tag might be a deterrent for some, true weather nerds will find that the satellite images and updates from NOAA are worth it.

Call Loop

If you’re more SMS-minded, Call Loop will send you text alerts to your phone. Text WEATHER to 38470 for updates from the National Weather Service.

American Weather Forum

You’re not a real virtual storm chaser until you log onto the American Weather forum, where amateur meteorologists interpret various forecasting models and generally wax poetic about their hurricane knowledge. Here’s the Hurricane Irma thread.