'Star Trek: Discovery' References 'DS9' and 'The Motion Picture'

When Spock stole a thruster suit and shot himself into the core of a giant alien intelligence known as V’ger, Star Trek broke history. Never before had the franchise had such an awesome space suit. And, weirdly, though it is a series set in space, there aren’t a lot of space suit scenes in Star Trek. But, the new trailer for Discovery doubles-down on the Commander Burnham in her space suit, and references Spock’s thruster suit from Star Trek: The Motion Picture at the same time.

On Tuesday, CBS released a teaser which finds Burnham propelling herself into space on a reconnaissance mission. Her countdown sequence isn’t exactly the same as Spock’s in The Motion Picture, and her suit looks a little different, but the feeling of her jetting-out into the void is similar. It’s also nice that when Burnham communicates with her ship, the signature Stafleet communicator “chirp” is briefly heard.

The clip also finds Captain Lorca telling Burnham that “fortune favors the bold.” While this phrase comes from Latin antiquity, it was uttered by Captain Benjamin Sisko in the Deep Space Nine episode “Favor the Bold.” AND, in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Kirk spins this slightly to say “may fortune favor the foolish* as he and his crew get ready to travel back in time.

For Star Trek haters who have been worrying that Discovery wouldn’t reference the rest of the canon, this shout-out to Captain Sisko, Kirk and Spock should put all worries at ease.

Oh, Lorca says “boldly go where no one has gone before, too.” So there’s that.

Star Trek: Discovery boldly hits CBS All-Access on September 24.

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