New 'Lord of the Rings' Game Will Have a Tribe of Ninja Orcs

Monolith Productions / Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

The orcs that Frodo and his allies faced in the Lord of the Rings films weren’t known for being particularly quiet. But, that won’t be the case in a new game based on the franchise, which features an entire orc tribe who specializes in stealth.

A new trailer was uploaded to the Middle-earth: Shadow of War YouTube channel on Tuesday, showing off the Dark Tribe in action. It begins with them stalking another orc before stabbing him in the back, then proceeds to clip through scenes of them brutalizing the other residents of Middle-earth. Chief among these is a shot of one of the orcs using a smoke bomb in an encounter with what looks like a troll, disappearing and reappearing in another location in a very un-orc, ninja-like way.

The Dark Tribe is described in the press release as a band of orcs who “utilize stealth and assassination to dominate Mordor on behalf of the Lord of Mordor, whom they have a fanatical reverence for.” They join previously announced and suitably unique orc tribes like the Marauder Tribe and the Machine Tribe.

A sequel to 2014’s Shadow of Mordor, Shadow of War centers on the ranger Talion, who is still bound to the elf blacksmith who made the rings of power, Celebrimbor. Together, they take on the newly returned Sauron and his Nazgul using a new ring of power.

Having a tribe of stealth-using orcs might seem like a strange addition to the world of ‘Lord of the Rings’. But for ‘Shadow of War’, a game where Shelob, the spider enemy of ‘Return of the King’, is a sexy lady, it’s not that surprising.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War comes out on October 10.

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